How TikTok can Help Fashion Brands Become Popular

Since TikTok’s meteoric surge in popularity, many businesses have begun to use it for advertising and product reviews. It facilitates user awareness of their products and provides a visual demonstration of the subject products. Regarding fashion, the Tiktok app has become a popular platform for models and fashion enthusiasts. It is easy to see how TikTok makes fashion trends through these models and that anyone with a phone and internet can use the app. Following these trends is also made simple by companies such as Asos USA, which offers a large variety of clothing in various sizes.

How TikTok is embracing fashion

TikTok actively influences the fashion industry in various ways, including Shortening trend cycles. Trends used to last a year or two in the 1990s and 2000s, but now, thanks to TikTok’s popularity, they come and go in a couple of months. It gave birth to the hashtag “#tiktokmademebuyit.” It began as a tool for users to showcase purchases they had made after getting inspiration from other users, but it has since developed into a distinct entity. Almost every week, a new TikTok product, ranging from athletic leggings and drink bottles to hair products and computer gadgets, becomes viral. If you see a piece of clothing become viral on TikTok, odds are you’ll see that on someone walking in the street within a few days. New brands. TikTok is a fantastic tool for any new brand that uses it correctly. The app’s hyper-specific algorithm enables marketers to truly find their niche, reach people who perfectly match their target population, and quickly acquire massive amounts of followers. Talent scouting. Modelling agencies and corporations have resorted to TikTok to find new faces for ads. TikTok content is mainly uncensored, in contrast to other social platforms. The video element enables scouts to get a sense of someone’s energy and personality. TikTok is a terrific location for brands to find and solicit user-generated media. Working with producers who will utilise your items as models for future campaigns is a great approach to staying relevant, relatable, and fascinating.

About Microtrends

Trends continue to come and go, of course, but at a far greater rate than in the past. Whereas trends could last for years or even a decade, six months is now considered generous. Unlike movements with a certain level of longevity, microtrends come and go as quickly as you can change your clothes. TikTok was greatly responsible for giving birth to the “cottagecore” style of the New England granny at her Martha’s Vineyard summer house. Then there were microtrends like goblincore, angelcore, clowncore, etc. All of this was followed by the Barbiecore style, which helped to popularise pink. Most brands that operate on a seasonal cycle cannot keep up with all of these “core” communities and microtrends. Microtrends are ripe for profit for fast-fashion businesses that can make clothing and have it in stores in three weeks.

In conclusion

TikTok has harmed the fast-fashion business. Consumers should be more careful of how they shop and less eager to jump on microtrends. TikTok, on the other hand, has helped several new apparel manufacturers gain popularity rapidly. While outstanding TikTok influencers promote sustainable fashion and education, be aware of fast-fashion businesses and trends that may vanish before we blink.


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